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Catholic Population in Relation to New & Old Media

CARA (Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate) has a blog that continually shares numbers about Catholic populations, in comparisons to media. The latest blog post from CARA has some interesting numbers to reveal and shed light as to what is going on in the United States, as well as Canada.

The Catholic Press Association (CPA) commissioned CARA to do a study on Catholics and their usage of different types of media; radio, television, print and digital (Internet). The poll taken had four groups, with variations of age; pre-Vatican II , Vatican II, post-Vatican II, and  Millennials. The blog post itself (Click Here) shares a shortened version of the full study, which you can download as a PDF of the full study by visiting the CARA blog post, “New Catholics, New Media: More ‘Bread and Circus’ than Eucharist.”

For a few short examples,

  • The poll did show only 52% of Catholics particularly pay attention to National Catholic Media
  • Pre-Vatican II (born before 1943) had the highest average for following Catholic pages/ post on Facebook (WOW)
  • Vatican II ( born 1943 to 1960) had the highest average of listening to Catholic radio or CDs
  • Post-Vatican II (born 1961 to 1981) didn’t rank highest in any of the charts shared on the blog but did tie Vatican II in the category of watching spiritual or religious video online
  • Last but not least, ranking the highest in reading content from websites and blogs —  Millennials (born 1982 and above)

You will see statistics on some of the well known National Catholic publications; Catholic Digest, Maryknoll, Liguorian, Our Sunday Visitor, and the Family Digest.

To get the full short story, visit the blog post, or if you are really into crunching numbers and counting percentages, download the full report available as a PDF on the blog post.

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