What MMOS Means to Me: Bill Platten

Bill  & Rene Platton
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I have been blessed to be involved in the planning of all seven MMOS’s in our Diocese. My involvement was not a planned effort but came about by being open to the Holy Spirit when he put me on team for the first event.

I have enjoyed each event but MMOS V and VI were special to me because I was able to attend with my future son-in-law. Seeing the strength of his faith, the earnest effort he is giving to be a holy man, and worshiping God together gave me more insight into his character than most fathers have when their daughters decide to marry.

We have established a relationship built on more than the fact that he married into our family. We share ideas and books we have read, talk openly about our respective faith journeys, and share the bond that comes shared values and spiritual goals.

I know that MMOS has touched many lives in many ways but I pray that men with sons or sons in law are able to strengthen their bond through this shared experience.

I look forward to MMOS VIII to be held on March 2, 2013 at Incarnation Parish. See you there!

Bill Platten
FOM President

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