Mission and Purpose of the Fishers of Men, Memphis

Our Mission is to awaken in Catholic men a desire for a relationship with Jesus. Our focus is on the unengaged as opposed to the unchurched. Once a week Catholic men or inactive Catholic men are our focus. Our job is to catch as many men in our “net” as we can so we can be the on ramp to spiritual growth so that FOM is a comfortable, attractive starting point for spiritual journeys.

Our focus is on giving men a place to belong, to connect with other men, to make friends while being educated, inspired, engaged in wanting to hear, learn, and do more spiritually. Our first priority is making relationships. We strive to make sure all men, especially new comers connect with at least one person on their first visit.

We try to insure that our meetings are welcoming to new participants and meaningful to current participants. Meetings consist of Praise and worship songs, group prayer, small group sharing (with 3-4 other men), and study. Our men tend to hold each other accountable and to witness to each other about the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives.



Printable: Fishers of Men Accountability Questions
Official: Fishers of Men Hand Book
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